Lemon Cookies, Smiles, and Entrepreneurialism

I love lemons, and who doesn't love cookies? Put the two together and you're in heaven. Add in a little entrepreneurial spirit and you get Savannah Smiles- one of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

I taught a class at the Littleton Studio School earlier this week and they had a colorful display of cookies for sale, so of course I snagged a few. Savannah Smiles, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs for Shelby (I’m sadly allergic to peanut butter). If anyone knows where I can track down Samoas- please let me know! The Studio School was out.

I love the shape and cheerfulness of Savannah Smiles, so I snapped a few inspiration shots before I devoured basically every cookie in these photos. Hey, at least I have photos to remember them by.

P.S. I was a member of Girl Scouts back in the day! And proud to say that the cookie program contributed to my current entrepreneurial skillset. Full circle!