Meet Aquarius

If you couldn't tell, I'm obsessed with VW Beetles. Since I was 12 I dreamed of driving behind the wheel of one, and almost seven years ago the MegaBug came into my life.

MegaBug is my 1999 green bug and the namesake for this business. With over 200,000 miles, however, she's getting a little tired.

So I decided to bring home another bug.

This 2005 1.8T convertible is Aquarius blue (a color I've aaaaalways wanted). As Aquarius is also my astrological sign, I, of course, named her Aquarius.

I've enjoyed sunny days with the top down and driving Aquarius to shoots. I'm definitely in love!

But there's no way I'm letting go of the MegaBug. She is my first love and I will forever drive her. Plus they look adorable together.

Check out my personal blog, Miss MegaBug, for more pictures!