Teases of Spring

Looking out my window here at Serendipity Studios, the sun is shining and the Ammonoosuc River is rushing with freshly melted snow. It may only be 14-degrees, but we're letting in the fresh air.

The beginning of March is always a hopeful time. We like to think that Spring is on its way, even though that hasn't been the case over the past few years.

But here in New England, we can escape the final clutches of winter by zipping up our big, puffy coats and heading to the flower shows. Mom and Tim are at the Vermont Flower Show today, and the photos she's been sending me as a, "Haha, look where I am" have brought me back three years ago when I went to the Boston Flower Show with my friend, Hannah.

It was a downright frigid day made worse by the harbor winds. We took a bus trip down and stayed in our coats the entire way! When we walked through the flower show doors, off came the coats, the hats, the gloves- even our sleeves were rolled up. It was as if we had walked through the gateway to Spring.

The show had many beautiful garden scenes and outdoor inspiration, but I wanted to focus on the colors. (That and the light was rather nasty when I tried to take a step back.)

What I love about photography is how it enables the viewer to peer into a scene without the distraction of extraneous detail. Taking these macro-esque shots pulled me away from the crowds pushing by and highlighted the shapes and lines of the flowers. The lighting throughout really set the mood as well.

It's this time of year when the mud cakes on your boots and frost still lingers in your breath in the early morning that it's wonderful to catch a glimpse of Springtime hope. It may be a tease, but I stepped a little more cheerily after our preview of warmth and colors to come.