Happy Anniversary, Abbie & Riley!

I owe so much to this adorable couple. Upon their engagement in 2014, Abbie & Riley asked me to photograph their engagement photos. My face hurt from laughing so hard, and we had such fun that A&R asked me to join them on their wedding day...as their photographer!

Oh my gosh, this was a difficult decision for me. At that point I was so nervous about photographing a wedding on my own. There's so much pressure and details involved in a wedding, that I was worried of messing up their beautiful day or missing a shot.

But Abbie and Riley had such confidence in me, and I enjoyed my time with them so much, that I said yes! Looking back through their colorful photos full of love, I am thankful they believed in me. Because of Abbie & Riley, I have launched the wedding photography side of my business and experienced tremendous growth. Their wedding and engagement photos are constantly at the forefront of my marketing, and my full page ad in the Summer 2016 MyWedding New England features several of the photographs from their wedding.

I've been anxious to post a full blog on their wedding, but their photos will be featured in a wedding publication next summer- I'd say a fair reason to hold off!

So happy anniversary to you, Abbie & Riley. I'm honored to have captured the beautiful moments between you and your family, and am so happy for you and the birth of little Lark. Here's to the first wonderful year of many more to come.

<3 Meg