Traditionally Quaint Nova Scotia


Last week, Mom and I went on tour with our bank. She excitedly applied for her passport, exclaimed how pretty Canadian money is, and off we were to Nova Scotia!

After an overnight ferry ride from Portland to Yarmouth and a long drive, we arrived in Lunenburg. The town is full of bold, colorful buildings that reminded me of Bermuda, but not quite. Mom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Kate's Sweet Indulgence, where we savored a Canadian Fog Latte. So good!


We also visited the Bluenose II, a replica of the original fishing schooner and celebrated racing ship built in 1921. It's reputation landed the Bluenose's image on the back of the Canadian dime, but it was unfortunately sold to the East India Trading Company in 1942, and sank four years later off the coast of Haiti after hitting a reef.

The Bluenose II that we were able to visit was built in 1963.

 MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-4  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-24  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-3  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-1  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-2

It has a lovely view from port.


A couple of hours later we visited Peggy's Cove, home of Canada's most photographed lighthouse, and a quaint fishing village. What Mom and I love about Nova Scotia is that it maintained its traditional look, having yet to buckle to the commercialism that's sprung here in New England.

 MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-10  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-12  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-13  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-9  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-25  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-14

Mom found this beret with the Nova Scotia tartan, which she says will be her new hiking hat. Here she is modeling it in front of the famous Peggy's Cove lighthouse.

 MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-21  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-20

That evening we went to the Nova Scotia Royal International Tattoo, which was incredible! We stayed in Halifax the following day, touring and visiting their public gardens. It is one of North America's few surviving Victorian gardens, and began in 1836.

 MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-15  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-16  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-19  MegaBugPhotography_NovaScotia-18

My favorite plant was this beautiful red maple tree.


We visited the Bay of Fundy and Fort Anne, Canada's oldest national historic site. Before heading home, we had a delicious dinner at Digby Pines, and the town is renowned for its scallops. Too bad Mom and I don't like seafood!

Nova Scotia is beautiful, and I am already planning a return trip.

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