Tuckered Out


Every year, I donate a photo shoot to Above the Notch Humane Society's Fido's Feast silent auction. Ginny was this year's winner, and decided to have her adorable border collie, Tucker, photographed.

 MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-10  MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-11

We started in Sugar Hill, where Tucker played fetch in the lupine fields.

 MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-7  MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-33

He also enjoys wading, and ended the evening at Green Frog on the Gale River in Franconia.

 MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-28  MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-38  MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-23

Ginny and Tucker have been together for four years.

 MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-44  MegaBugPhotography_TuckerWeb-46