Fur & Purrs at Second Chance Animal Rescue


Three months ago, my mom and I said goodbye to our cat of nearly 17 years. It was difficult to let Puss go, and I miss her everyday. We adopted her from the MSPCA in Methuen, Mass., and I am grateful to them and every other humane society that offers animals the opportunity to find a loving home. To say thanks and to honor Puss, I contacted Second Chance Animal Rescue for the opportunity to give back.


SCAR is located on the beautiful Ammonoosuc River in Littleton, NH. Many of their current Board of Directors were involved in Above the Notch Humane Society, an organization dedicated to dogs. About five years ago, these volunteers decided to create a space specifically for cats. They converted a residence from greenhouse to cat shelter, and now house over 56 cats.


Additionally, SCAR offers low-cost spay and neuter clinics, shot clinics, and their pet food drive, "No Empty Bowls." Jackie Allison is the organization's president, can be found working in office and caring for the cats.


Most of the cats are able to roam freely, and can be found in every corner and crevice, atop every counter, and even on the doors.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-10  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-31

Dorito is such a ham, he tried photobombing Chester.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-19  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-22

Chester was one of my favorites. I couldn't get over his gorgeous green eyes!


 Really, everywhere I turned there were cats.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-53  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-59  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-60

Kitty paws are just the sweetest! Sundance has a set of beautifully fluffy ones.


The back room has a gorgeous view of the river and plenty of sunshine, allowing ideal napping conditions.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-62  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-67  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-75  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-70

SCAR is a haven for cats both young, old, and in between.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-56  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-55

Dusty Rose is nine and fabulous.

 MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-92  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-101  MegaBugPhotography_SCARweb-96

And this litter of kittens is playful and rambunctious.

When I decide to adopt again, I will certainly be visiting Second Chance Animal Rescue.