R&A: Sweet Sunset Engagement


Growing up in southern New Hampshire, my family would always pick out our Christmas tree from The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem. Now that I live in the North Country, I've discovered that The Rocks is a gorgeous backdrop for portraits. I was delighted when Abbie requested that we photograph her engagement shoot there. We went back and forth and decided on a sunset shoot, and I'm so glad we did.


Abbie met Riley while working at Bretton Woods Ski Resort in 2001. They attended neighboring high schools, but left the area post graduation. Abbie went to study education and landed a job teaching preschool at MIT, while Riley enjoyed exploring different parts of the U.S and working as an ER nurse. He reached out to Abbie ten years later and took her on a sushi date. Nine months after that, Abbie agreed to move back to N.H. with Riley- if they could adopt a dog. Ollie (the white fluffy one) joined their family a week later, giving Emma (left) a brother.

 IMG_9676  IMG_9712-2  IMG_9709

Abbie is now a kindergarten teacher at Bethlehem Elementary School while Riley works in the ER at Littleton Regional Healthcare. They enjoy exploring the outdoors together, and on November 22, 2014, Riley proposed on the top of Mount Prospect. Her gorgeous ring was handmade my James Meyer, a jeweler from Pennsylvania whose bezel set designs fit Abbie's "unique, vintagey style."

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We had so much fun taking pictures and watching the sun set over the beautiful landscape of our White Mountains. These two are so charismatic, they convinced me to break my "no wedding" policy. We'll see how that goes in August! Wish me luck. =)