2015: A New Era

Every New Year's Day I ponder my hopes and goals for the upcoming twelve months, and I've never been as excited to do so as I am for 2015. I completed college a few weeks ago and I can't even begin to describe how free I am feeling the the onset of a new year. The possibilities and excitement running through my mind are exhilarating! So with my newly found time (and life!) this is what I hope 2015 will bring:

*Additional time spent with friends. Over the past year I have been so thankful to reconnect and develop deep friendships with people I adore and admire. I'd love to be with them more.
*More opportunities to travel and explore.
*Motivation to continue learning. I'm an advocate for beyond-the-classroom education, and feel that there is still plenty more I'd like to know. My main focus is definitely photography and business ownership, but I'd like to explore crafting again (crocheting, sewing, diy, etc), and dive deeper into living holistically.
*An increase in my fitness level. I have a ski pass to four mountains and I'd really like to use it! It's also been two seasons since I went cross country skiing, and my mom would like me to start hiking NH's 4,000 footers. I can't say I want to lose a set amount of weight- I tried that and became too obsessed with the number- I'd mostly like to feel better.
*A general idea of home ownership. I will be semi-permanently house sitting for a neighbor and will be the surrogate care taker of their cat and dog. I'm thrilled for the opportunity, as it will allow me a taste of what living on my own will be like- and I adore their dog!
*A boost in business. 2014 had many fabulous photo shoots, and I hope to increase their frequency. I'd also like to submit more posts to MassFinds and contemplate finally sending something to Yankee Magazine. With more time I'd also like to enter in photo contests and take more workshops on photography.
*Dedication to become the best little Executive Director that I can be. I have hopes that I can help bring the Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce to a new level, and have so many ideas on how to increase our community involvement, member benefits, and regional marketing.

So I hope 2015 will be full of excitement and the beginning of my life as an independent individual. There may be many dreams listed above, but I have faith that they will bring my life more iin bance. Cheers!
Meg BrownComment