2014: Pictorial Review



 MegaBug Photography- LACC-85  MegaBug Photography- LRH-39

2014 proved to be an incredible year for both my life and business. The year started with two major photo shoots: the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and a commercial shoot for Littleton Regional Healthcare. The former introduced me to Emshika Alberini, owner of Chang Thai Cafe, and reconnected me with North Country Senator, Jeff Woodburn.

I first met Jeff as a sixteen-year-old intern for The Littleton Courier. He was up at The Berlin Reporter, and upon giving his notice to run for state senate, Jeff advised me to apply for his position. In order to do so, however, I wouldn't be able to attend college full time. In response, Jeff advised me to go for the position, even if it meant not going to college. He later told my mom that I'm the only person he ever told not to go to college. (Part of me wishes I had followed his advice!)

Regardless, Jeff was our senator when I photographed the LACC Annual Dinner. He didn't realize that I started a photography business, and asked if I would be interested in doing a few shoots for him. Absolutely! In 2014, I followed Jeff to bill signings, campaign events, and political get togethers. It's certainly been interesting.

In January I also photographed three scenes representing Littleton Regional Healthcare's unique services: their therapy dog program, patient massages, and their kitchen- run by a four star chef. I've nearly gone off the road a few times when I saw my pictures featured on a billboard and the back of LRH's busses!


 MegaBugPhotography_About Emshika-21  IMG_2154

In February, Emshika reached out to me about working on "Foodshionista," a food and fashion blog. I have enjoyed challenging my skills in these two realms and working with such a creative person as Em.

My father also taught me about studio lighting, allowing me a glimpse of working with artificial light. Although I still prefer working with the sun, I absolutely appreciate the depth that studio lighting can bring to a subject. Am looking forward to playing with deep shadows and serious shots in the future!


Later that month, I also decided that it was time I begin submitting my photos. After a fun shoot on Salisbury Beach State Reservation turned into beautiful images, I reached out to MassFinds and became a guest blogger! I love now having an excuse to travel and work on my photojournalism and landscape photography.



In March, my friend Hannah and I took a tour with our bank to the Boston Flower Show. It was wonderful to see color amidst the snow and the cold, and I had such fun setting up my shots and practicing white balance beneath the various types of lighting that was there.



April was a challenging month for me. A friend advised me to cope through my struggles through photography, that some of an artist's best work can develop from a somber time. The above image reminds me of how I was feeling that month and I try not to look at it often, but April allowed me to see beauty and hope in dark days.



May was a much more colorful month! I photographed my friend, Reina's maternity/engagement shoot and the pictures are absolutely stunning!

 MegaBugPhotography_ReinaMaternityWeb-26  MegaBugPhotography_ReinaMaternityWeb-34  IMG_5282-2

Later that month, my grandmother and I finally cruised to Bermuda in honor of my 2012 high school graduation. It was so beautiful, and I still dream of Warwick Long Bay's tranquility and pink sands.



On June 14, Annabelle Marie was born. It was incredible to have shot her mother's maternity photos, then hold her delicate frame in my arms few weeks later. Her newborn shoot was beautiful.

 MegaBugPhotography_Newborn-29  MegaBugPhotography_Newborn-33  MegaBugPhotography_Newborn-58  MegaBugPhotography_Newborn-62



In July, I met Governor Hassan at an event I shot for Jeff. My gosh- I photographed the governor!!! =0



Resource Management, Inc. reached out to me in August, asking if I would be interested in photographing the farms who use their product. I think it was one of my favorite shoots in 2014. The above was featured on a banner at the Lancaster Fair, and a few others will be featured on their website when we begin to shoot more farms this year.

 MegaBugPhotography_PFF-89  MegaBugPhotography_PFF-65  MegaBugPhotography_PFF-33  MegaBugPhotography_PFF-35



In September my final semester of college was in full swing. The Literary Nonfiction class I was enrolled in had a mandatory weekend field trip to Concord, Mass. scheduled. Of course, I wrote a MassFinds about it.

 2  12  9



October brought sunshine and a much needed break: my friend, Patsy and I packed our bags for Florida! She was so patient when I snapped picture after picture, and I captured a few stunning ones of her! We visited the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine when I saw the cannon below. My boyfriend, Shelby is fascinated by artillery and history, so I captured this moment for him. A few weeks later, Share a Little Sunshine (Florida's version of MassFinds) shared it to their Instagram account and I received quite a few followers from them!

 IMG_8751-2  IMG_8530-2  IMG_8958

 Patsy and I returned home and on the 17th, I celebrated my one year business anniversary. Being an entrepreneur has been the most rewarding experience, and the accomplishment I am most proud of.


 IMG_9480-2  IMG_9396-2

 My year closed with the ending of my formal education experience. I graduated from Lyndon State College with a B.A. in English, Journalism Concentration; an A.S. in Business Administration; and a minor in Marketing. It's incredible to not have homework, and I'm thankful that I can now focus on my job and building my photography business. To celebrate, Shelby took me to Montreal. The light in our hotel room was so pretty, I just had to take a picture of him!