Black & White Photo Challenge

I was challenged by my friend, Angie of AGLOW Photography to do the black & white photo challenge. My task was to post a b&w photo for five days and nominate someone else along the way. I decided to revisit my film days.

Because I didn’t have access to a scanner, my film photos never made their debut on the Internet.  So I picked out my five pictures and hunted for a scanner. I did!

 {Landaff Center, March 2012}

In high school I interned with Meg of Rodeo  & Co Photography. Although my internship ended at Christmastime, she still invited me over for shoots every so often. In the spring she had done an editorial shoot with EH Floral and took home the flowers, so we took these shots at her house. She was experimenting with medium format film, and I used 35mm.

{Remich Park, April 2011}

I took this photo on the first roll of film I ever developed and exposed. Because I took Photography I at Littleton High School, we visited Remich Park often to do our work. It was a rainy day before class and I had to finish exposing my roll, so I explored the park by myself. I love this shot because of the way it draws the eye across. I took it for my shape assignment, but I think it possesses more character than that.

{Littleton, November 2011}

I was admiring the vintage artifacts at just L in Littleton and began to just snap away. The bowl of vintage spoons stood out to me because my mom had a collection hanging on our kitchen wall in Derry. This shot came out better than I had hoped with the shallow depth of field.

{Sugar Hill, May 2011}

This is one of the craftiest shots I took. My friend, Eden and I were taking pictures on Sunset Hill Road when we decided to take a moment and admire the mountains from its overlook. There’s a tree stump in the middle of the platform with these jutting pieces of park that look rather cool in a macro perspective. I glanced down at my keychain and the little leather bug given to me at Christmas caught my eye, so I put the two together.

{Littleton, November 2011}

I saved my favorite shot for last. This was taken at just L the same day I photographed Vintage Spoons. The globe was sitting on a table and I thought it would contrast nicely with the orange stool I placed it on (even though it’s in black & white), but it was missing something. There was a wooden box sitting on the nearby counter with compartments of old typewriter keys. This word came to mind…
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