Left and Right

In Bethlehem there is an incredible organization known as the Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN). WREN offers workshops and classes geared towards the budding entrepreneur or aspiring crafter. Their gallery hosts the work of local artists and in celebration of WREN's twentieth anniversary, they are holding a monthly "Write Night in the Gallery". I decided to join! It is held the second Tuesday of every month and the group responds to prompts given by our leader, WREN's gallery coordinator Katherine Ferrier (Check out Thread!). As the exhibit changes monthly, we write about a different piece that draws us in. In January my eye immediately caught this beautiful felt piece by Beth Harwood

Titled "Topography", the colors and shapes of this piece drew me in and I knew this would be the one to write about. Below I have included one of my prompts about "Topography" written January 14, 2014. Can you guess the metaphor? =)

The platform of central processing is abuzz and conflicting. The left wants rigidity and order, the right wants flow and abstraction.

Shapes of analytics block a river of creativity. Both are in conflict with one another- until they slip- a shift in tectonic plates thrusting forth a tsunami.

Right is left and left is right. Analytics sparkle and rivers are consistent.

Shades are humbled but uniform in temperature. Bright, deep, light, bold. Yet cool.

The confliction of order and chaos is the symbiosis of left and right.
Meg BrownComment