Chocolate Raspberry

Hannah and I love to bake. Hannah and Sam love raspberries. When she visited her grandmother in New York, Hannah stopped at a bulk health food store and brought Sam home chocolate raspberry chips!

Poor Sam has recently torn his ACL, MCL, and has a micro fracture to his knee. To cheer him up, Hannah and I thought we should put those chips to use:

I also thought I should put my camera to use!

My new goal is to post a new photo on the MegaBug Photography Facebook page at least once a week, so why not try my hand at food photography? But before we could get to the stunning result above, it all started like this:

Then this:

Now, I love the sun. Taking pictures with natural lighting is euphoria for me, but I know that in order to grow as a photographer, I need to try my hand at an assortment of lighting situations. (And after all, 2014 is my year for new frontiers.) Therefore, I was nervous and excited to try my hand at indoor night time lighting, but I think it went well. I may have only ended up with 13 out of the almost 200 photos I took, but I'll get it eventually!

Hannah decided to do join in the fun and do some 
iPhoneography with her ghetto light box.

Which actually works quite well.

I've been told that these cookies are AMAZING. Unfortunately I'm still on Omnitrition and can't try any, but I can attest that they smell superb.

They're so beautiful too.

And with so many, somebody had better like them!

Food photography is becoming a new passion of mine. The details make it, as does the lighting. Normally I prefer to slightly overexpose and stick with brightness, but I do like the tone set by the shadows and darker colors of this shoot. And furthermore, it was fun digging through the Lovelands' beautiful kitchen and finding the details such as the small pitcher, placemat, and milk crate. (Shout out to Dick and Sheryl for tolerating our cooking endeavors! You two are the best taste testers. =)

It's fun to incorporate raw ingredients in photos as well. The single raspberry on the rack of cookies adds a pop of color, and interest.

My eyes may be strained and my shoulders sore, but I am so pleased with the results. I love photography. The world slips away when I'm behind the lens; it's just me and my subject. It's as if nothing else matters. I think everyone should be able to have their passion for a job, because then it's not really work. Thus far, my decision to do so has been incredibly rewarding- and my last day at the bank isn't until Thursday! But because my focus has changed, my mood has improved and I'm shifting my time towards doing what I love. I am so excited to do more fun and informal shoots. Hannah's writing a new blog on recipes she's trying (Hannah's Culinary Adventures), and I'm thinking she might be in need of a photographer!
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