All you need is...

Love. The Beatles had it down when their hit was released on July 7, 1967 and has since taken residence with other famous Beatle jams. As today is Valentine's Day I thought it fitting to use the song's title as a play on words for the title of this post. It is quite accurate.

Psychologically, Abraham Maslow proposed in his Hierarchy of Needs that love surpasses such feelings as confidence, respect of others and self, creativity, morality, problem solving, etc. The only needs more important than love were instincts and a feeling of safety. Just like the Beatles, Maslow was right on. Where would we be without love? In my mind it is the most wholesome feeling in existence, and has had a powerful effect on humans since their inception. People seek success and achievements, but in actuality they crave love more so. Think about it. If the economy crashes and everyone loses out, all society will have to hold on to are their relationships.

Love creates a feeling that scientists have claimed is similar to a drug high. When one first falls in love they experience the lightest, most joyful feeling in the world. Then every time they look at their love, every thing is complete. Love also creates a sense of security, especially in families.

Earlier I re-read my blog post typed on this day from the previous year. In 2011 I focused on the multitudes of love affairs people can have. Husbands, family, friends, animals, hobbies, etc. This year I learned of its importance. Even if you are single this Valentine's Day think of all that you love, and think of why this is one of the most profound and powerful emotions known to this world. Peace, LOVE & Happiness! Happy Valentine's Day. =)

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