Welcome, 2012! =)

As written yesterday, 2011 was an astonishing year. It was also the preparation that will led 2012 to be auspicious. I can't write much about how this year is going to go- because I haven't lived it- but I do have a list of everything that's going to happen this year:

  • I'm turning 17! Time to see a rated R movie...legally.
  • I'm going to get a motorcycle license. (That way Tim and I can tear up the trails!)
  • I'm graduating high school.
  • The ladies in my family and I are going to Bermuda!
  • I'm on track to being in shape by the time I go to Bermuda.
  • The summer will either bring me a paycheck from the Courier, or a job that I adore.
  • I'm entering college!
  • I will be a Vermont resident in my very own home.
Although they may seem small, all of these goals are steps in my new, independent life. 2011 set all of these up. I loved this past year, and am even more excited for 2012. And yes, we all will be here for 2013. =)
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