Wow! Today I traveled to Lyndonville, Vt. with my mother for Decision Day at Lyndon State College. Basically I compiled all of my transcripts, letters of recommendation, essay, and application into one little packet, handed it to a Student Ambassador, toured the school and waited to be called into an Admissions Counselor's room.

After two hours of touring and eating lunch, it was time. Mom and I followed him to an office where we were seated and I watched as he pulled out my file. When he looked up, there was amazement on his face as he said something like "your packet was outstanding." He then turned to the head Student Ambassador (who I allowed into the room to observe the process) and said "her transcript is through the roof and her GPA is impeccable." Oh my gosh! I felt wonderful when he conveyed how admissions admired my hard work and dedication. He then asked me to tell him about myself, and answer the question: "What will you bring to Lyndon State College? Why do we want you?"

At the end he said, "you speak well" and that he thought I'd make a fabulous student ambassador. Then he turned to me and spoke those words every high school senior wants to read in a letter or hear in person: "Congratulations. You have been accepted to Lyndon State College. Your letter of acceptance will be sent through the mail on Monday but here is a paper that you can take home with you." He handed me a colorful "Congratulations!" print out that read my name, etc. and a Lyndon State sticker (which is now on the back window of my bug). He told me "we want you".

I always knew I'd be accepted, but I was still nervous. Although I took Latin I, I didn't have two years of the foreign language nor did I have three years of a science; requirements one should typically meet on their transcript. I also didn't attend St. Paul's program for students this past summer, or apply to be in National Honors Society upon request, two accolades that "look good on a college application". Throught my short time at high school, I never did anything I didn't want to do just because it would "look good" for college. And you know what? It doesn't matter. All I have been for sixteen years is Meg, and nobody could change me to be somebody I'm not, or to do things I didn't want to do. But that doesn't matter. As Meg, I am not even two months into my senior year of high school and already have been accepted into the college I want to attend. To have this figured out and to not have to wait until the Spring to find out if I was accepted to Lyndon is a wonderful feeling. This past week may have been overwhelming, but it's all over know. My hard work has paid off. =)
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