CAUTION. Prepare yourself for the following. It is quite disturbing:

2012 Beetle

Now feast your eyes on a soothing sight:

2007 Beetle

Vintage Beetle

Why would Volkswagen want to change what they had right? The fundamental principle of a Beetle is small, compact, economic. This new model is none of that. From what I've read, Volkswagen elongated the "21st Century Beetle" so the backseat is more comfortable for passengers, but who would ever ride back there anyway? As a tight little car, most people think of it as a two person chariot, and that's just what a Bug is. As stated before, that is the key purpose. I don't know about you, but I only ever see Bugs with two people in the car. It's not supposed to be the passenger(s) who runs the show. In the words of my step-dad, it's the driver. You can bet that you'll never see a true bug lover behind the wheel of 2012 Beetle Impostor. Not one.

P.S. For extra fun, check out the black one. To me, it's Volkswagen's idea of a hers.

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