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I did not grow up in Sugar Hill. Like my fellow blogger, High School Shenanigans, I hail from the busy metropolis of Derry, New Hampshire located in the southern part of the state. Although a town, Derry's population of 35,000 could easily make it pass as a city, but the residents don't want that! They feel they're in the "country"; a suburb of Boston.

I was not fooled. In seventh grade I decided that I would like to move to the real country. So the summer before my freshman year, my family relocated to our second home in Sugar Hill. It was a difficult move at first, but I'm happy to be here. Smaller environments definitely work better for me, and I love the scenery. It's perfect for a budding landscape photographer!

Sugar Hill is a lovely community with a population of 700 residents max, and the biggest homes in our town generally belong to tourists (go figure). Being that there are so many tourists, the majority of our jobs revolve around this industry. I work at Polly's Pancake Parlor in the summer, which is here in Sugar Hill. Our view is spectacular, thus we attract large crowds especially during Lupine Season or the Fall Foliage. Some people are so insane that they'll wait three hours for their share of pancakes! (Keep in mind we serve more than just pancakes too.)

Other than that, Sugar Hill is tiny, and I live in the middle of it all. Across from me is the Carolina Crapo Memorial Building which houses our library, town offices, police station and function hall. Despite that, the building isn't large at all! Next to my house is a petite little post office converted from a gas station. Next to the post office is Harman's Cheese, where my mom works.

We're familiar with all of our neighbors, and because my parents look after second homes, we're friendly with our part time neighbors as well! The only downside is that everybody knows what everybody is up to. This is nice at times ("Meg! Congrats on winning first at the Fair for your photo!), and frustrating at others (So Meg, why were you in Littleton last night? I heard you have a boyfriend!) Because I grew up in Derry, I enjoy to keep to myself sometimes. I also miss my friends from SNH so much. Some of them I've known since elementary school! However, I'm glad I moved. The scenery is amazing, I love my school, and am happy to have had the opportunity to skip a grade. Now I am off to a new adventure (Sociology class).

P.S. The picture is of a snowman my mom made in January, 2010.
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