This I Believe

In my Speech class, we were assigned to write a "This I Believe" composition about whatever we believe in, then present it to the class. Originally the prompt was an actual contest started in the 1950s and rejuvenated in the early 21st century by use of the Internet. Unfortunately, the deadline has past but still we wrote!

This I Believe

All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality - the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape." ~Arthur Christopher Benson

I believe in magic, and I believe in miracles. I also don’t stop believing’. Most of all, though, I believe that everyone needs a healthy escape. Some people may have a seemingly perfect life, but everyone breaks down. I found an anonymous quote that reads “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm”, and this is quite accurate. In order to make it through the day, we depend on other people- but mostly- we depend on ourselves. People contribute to our homeostasis, but the decision is our own as to whether or not we want to listen to them. In the end, all we have is ourselves for true consolation. I believe we are influenced, but we are the executers of our personal actions and feelings. Therefore, we have to look the end of our own arm for support. I believe that in order to clear our minds and find balance, we need a way to escape and sort our thoughts without analyzing them directly.

Many already have their escape. Some lose themselves in music, others in art. Some people like to write how they feel in a journal, others like to run or exercise their problems away. I like to do a combination of all four. I believe that there is a song for whatever emotion people are experiencing. Music can change my mood from distraught to optimistic, and I know everyone can connect to at least one song. Those more dedicated to this category like to expand on this, and make their own music.

Others like to harmonize their hands, eyes and mind more, so they turn to art. I believe it’s an excellent way of expression, and many artists produce different styles of craft depending on their disposition at the time. Although my artistic abilities are slim to none, I do enjoy photography. I believe that my moods influence the subject I choose, as well as my compositional choices. The escape is that I always feel better when I create a beautiful photo.

Another way of personal expression is writing. It’s a way to address an issue and release it. Nowadays, I like to refer to my past journals for guidance, or as a reflection of who I was and what my philosophies and perspectives used to be. This passion has grown into a weblog which I also actively add to.

My final and most relieving escape is walking. Hippocrates once wrote “Walking is the best medicine” and I believe this is true in many ways. Last April, I didn’t know what to do, so I walked the nine miles to Littleton: the local “big city”. It took me three hours, but I had time to ponder my thoughts while perambulating down the road at a steady pace. My main goal wasn’t to strengthen myself physically, but mentally. I pushed myself to Littleton to prove that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I believe that being obstinate is a quality of mine, and I might as well embrace it. I didn’t try to break a time record, nor did I challenge myself to run. I just wanted to do it because I can. It was a slow morning, and there was no rush; life was tranquil.

I believe that walking is my most beneficial escape because I have the opportunity to run away. I have a choice. If I wanted to flee from my problem, I can. As long as I have two legs I can go anywhere I please. Having this option reassures me, so I can freely think about what I want to do. Walking does clear the mind, and mine needs this release quite often. I’m so happy to have several escapes, and I believe everybody should find one of their own.
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