Mt. Washington Realizations

As of this past Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I have now turned sixteen! The day after I completed Driver's Ed, and the day after, I went for my license and passed the driver's exam with a 100%. Wow! I still need to learn standard before I can drive my bug though.
Today is February 5th and already I've met a few of my New Year's Resolutions. I bought my car on January 3rd (the same day I started Driver's Ed), turned sixteen and received my license. Now I'd like to learn how to drive standard shift, and go for my motorcycle license in April. Busy, busy!

Obviously, we create new goals all the time as well. This weekend my family is at the Red Jacket Hotel in North Conway for vacation. (Mostly as a celebration of the three February birthdays.) We've spent time at the indoor waterpark, went out for dinner, had a breakfast buffet and traveled about 3/4 of the way up Mt. Washington on the auto road. We didn't take our cars though! Instead, we went up on the snow cat, a van whose tires are replaced with treads in the winter season. It was amazing!

On the ascent to the top, we were surrouded my steep mountains, low valleys and gorgeous views. I took as many pictures as I could through the van windows, and we soon stopped at our highest point of travel. Of course it was chilly, but I wanted photos! The wind rushing about and the breath taking views enhanced my future goals of becomming a photographer. It was so peaceful, and if these are the views in my near back yard, what's it like all over the world? I want to see! I want to have the time to travel and visit so many places, learn their culture, and meet new people. The nippy, serene atmosphere on Mt. Washington helped me realize this is really what I want to do. From now on I will continue to take photos- I'm enrolled in Photography at another high school- work and take classes that will prepare me for life. I'm so excited. Recently I saw a license plate frame titled "Do what you like, like what you do". This is my goal in life, and I'm gonna do it! =)
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