2018: Minimalism

2017 gave me the jumpstart I needed to continue honing in on my life. My theme for 2018 is minimalism, not only with physical items but with my schedule, and life in general as well.

Here is what I hope to accomplish in 2018:

• Do some serious de-cluttering. Last year was a good start, but I'm ready to be ruthless. I'm using the same one space per month tactic as used in 2017 which will (hopefully) prevent feelings of overwhelming and allow me to go deeper into each space. Shelby is bringing more of his belongings home from his parents house, which will definitely occupy some time sifting through them. Maybe he'll adopt minimalism! Maybe.

• Evaluate my business services and focus on those that I enjoy. Appraise my rates to be sure I'm charging what I'm worth and increase my marketing.

• Complete one crochet project per month.

• Read one inspirational/business book per month.

• Read one fiction book per month.