2018: Minimalism

2017 gave me the jumpstart I needed to continue honing in on my life. My theme for 2018 is minimalism, not only with physical items but with my schedule, and life in general as well.

Here is what I hope to accomplish in 2018:

• Do some serious de-cluttering. Last year was a good start, but I'm ready to be ruthless. I'm using the same one space per month tactic as used in 2017 which will (hopefully) prevent feelings of overwhelming and allow me to go deeper into each space. Shelby is bringing more of his belongings home from his parents house, which will definitely occupy some time sifting through them. Maybe he'll adopt minimalism! Maybe.

• Evaluate my business services and focus on those that I enjoy. Appraise my rates to be sure I'm charging what I'm worth and increase my marketing.

• Complete one crochet project per month.

• Read one inspirational/business book per month.

• Read one fiction book per month.

2017 Reflections

2017 Reflections.jpg

2017 was pleasantly quiet. Shelby and I joyfully settled into married life and being homeowners, the cats have found their favorite napping spots, and I raised the pricing of my services for both businesses with confidence.

This year I focused on myself by scheduling more quiet time, improving my healthy cooking skills, and beginning to de-clutter our home. Each month I gave myself a focus that allowed me  a jumpstart and ability to just get started.

Here's a look back at my year of revitalization...

• In January/February, Shelby and I went to Florida with Dad, Charlotte, her brother, Mark, and his daughter, Sabrina. It was the first birthday I spent in a bathing suit! A few months later Nanny and I headed to Amish Country, PA; went to Montreal with Patsy; Shelby and I visited Aunt Lou & Uncle Bill in Mystic, CT (along with Shelby's relatives in Newtown); and I visited New York City for the very first time with Nanny and Mom.

• The MegaBug and I hit 200,000 miles!

• I found Aquarius, my dream 2005 Aquarius blue convertible.

• Through healthy cooking and more variety in my diet, I lost 25 lbs.

• I'm honing in on my personal style and have begun selling clothes that don't meet the criteria on Poshmark. I also took a plunge and cut my hair BELOW shoulder length and added bangs. =0

• Shelby and I hung more photos, purchased a gorgeous entertainment center for the living room, and are making the house feel more like our own.

• With the help of Tim and Shelby, I have added more fun customizations to my space at Serendipity Studios.

• I started learning French through Duolingo and started crocheting again! I even learned new stitches.

• Nanny moved to Littleton!

Thank you for giving me the power to revitalize my life, 2017. I look forward to the next phase in 2018.

Comforts of Home: First Snow at Mellow Meadows


It's here! The first snow of the season is here!

As I posted on the MegaBug Photography blog, there's something magical about the first snow. Winters are long here in northern New Hampshire, but the first sight of the yard blanketed in sparkling white is always delightful. (Even for Shelby, who has not been looking forward to driveway maintenance.)

What I love about the beginning of winter is how life seems to relax with a sigh. Thanksgiving and the holiday rush are still a few weeks away, and the coziness of colder temperatures is fully embraced.


With the cold and the shorter days, I'm definitely inclined to spend more time at home. I typically institute "Work From Home Fridays" where I tackle my business to do lists interchangeably with a load of laundry or cooking a comforting bowl of soup.

I'm an introvert by nature, and winter enhances that trait tenfold. My life has been full of rushing and productivity that it is calming to embrace the slowness winter brings and to enjoy more time at home with Shelby and our cats.

Shelby and I have joked that I'm a wannabe housewife without the desire for kids. (Mom prefers the term "homesteader.") Although much of my personal fulfillment derives from what I accomplish in Serendipity Studios, what brings me absolute joy and complete bliss is what I do at home.

I love cooking and cleaning, decorating our home, reading a book, crocheting, and updating my blogs- activities that are challenging to fit in during busier seasons.

Winter is my excuse to take a break and get myself back into balance. It's a time when I re-evaluate my life goals and catch up on housework and business tasks that I haven't had time for.

Even though I'm in the middle of holiday family photos and a few big marketing projects, I'm breathing easy this morning looking out the window at our beautiful Mellow Meadows covered in first snow.

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