Why You Need a Website (And How to Get One)

Why You Need a Website (And How to Get One)


In the age of Facebook and third-party class/appointment scheduling sites, you may think it’s easier to skip over having a website of your own. It’s a lot of work to design and maintain a website, right? Or if you have someone do it for you, the costs add up.

We’re busting those myths!

In this class you’ll discover why your business absolutely NEEDS a website- and how to get one (easy and inexpensively ;).

Here’s what we’ll cover:
• How consumer’s perceptions of your business are affected when you don’t have a website.
• All about SEO and why it’s essential for being found on Google.
• How to set-up a simple website.
- Free and inexpensive platforms to use.
- How to streamline your navigation and pages.
- Why less is more when it comes to design.

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