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Miss MegaBug Studio (originally Serendipity Studios) was founded as a creative collective by Meg Brown and Patti King Slavtcheff. What started as a co-working space has since evolved into a community welcoming like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs alike. The studio continues to be a working space for Meg (Patti has since retired), but now welcomes the public with monthly group gatherings, classes, and more.

Dream, learn, do, at Miss MegaBug Studio.

Meg Brown

Meg is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for telling stories and helping small business owners flourish. She’s here to teach you how to grow the thriving business of your dreams through in-person and online marketing classes, captivating photography, and engaging copy.

Upcoming Classes: Intro to Squarespace, Website Workshop, Portrait Party

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Jacki Katzman

Jacki is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® offering lessons to groups and soloists in New Hampshire's North Country and Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. A former corporate executive and communications director, with detours into landscape design and gardening, she now directs her passion towards sharing the Feldenkrais Method® with fellow creatives, performers, meditators, and people who intend to keep growing, creating and learning until their last breath.

Upcoming Class: Bring Some Attitude(s) to Your Sitting

Anjali Rose

Anjali Rose is a teacher, intuitive healer, and lover of divine mystery guiding others to discover their bliss through yoga, Reiki, sound healing, essential oils, and oracle card readings. Anjali Rose brings healing energy and harmonious spirit along with her heart-centered and intentionally crafted questions to amplify your innate wisdom and tap into divine messages communicated through oracle cards.

Upcoming Class: Oracle Card Gathering: Discover your Divine Potential through Oracle Cards, Reiki I Attunement, Reiki II Attunement

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Loretta Stride

I am an Artist, Reiki Master and Plant Enthusiast. I have been growing, caring for and propagating houseplants for the last 30 years. You can say I am a bit of a houseplant hoarder ( I have over 150 plants in my home). I feel it's important for homes and offices to contain living plants. Not only are they esthetically pleasing to look at, they also help to keep us healthy by clearing the air of certain pollutants. Along with holding workshops, I am available to style homes and offices with indoor plants and will also help you care for them.

One of my favorite hobbies is to propagate my heirloom plants, and I've recently started to sell them on my etsy shop, Green Thum Mum.

Upcoming Class: Create Your Own Macrame Planter, Houseplant Care 101

Meggen Wright

Meggen Wright is a certified yoga therapist and owner of Restorative Health Therapies, LLC in the Tannery Marketplace. She has taught over 50 meditation classes and hosted many mindfulness retreats and workshops that include a hands on creative-making project to stay focused and present in body, mind and breath.

If she isn't teaching, Meggen is doodling, painting,  decorating, or planting something!

Upcoming Class: Mindful Pine Needle Basket Making

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