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Are you ready to take

Instagram worthy photos?


You know, the kind that you’re proud to post?

This online course will eliminate any intimidation you may feel about using your DSLR camera, enhance your artistic skills, and answer questions such as…

• How do I make my background blurry?
• How can I freeze motion?
• How do I take indoor photos without the yellow tint?
• Which lens should I use?
And more!

You will go from feeling overwhelmed at all of your camera’s seemingly infinite buttons to being able to select your settings with confidence. With a deeper understanding of compositional techniques, white balance, and manual mode, your images will transform from dull to captivating. Instead of snapping poorly lit, out of focus photos, you’ll have an arsenal of images that are totally #instagramworthy. Sounds pretty awesome, right?


Here’s What We’ll cover


Learn what the buttons of your camera actually do, and how to nail a tack sharp focus.


Craft captivating photos with classic compositional techniques rooted in psychology and art.

Exposure Triangle & Editing

How to take artsy photos using ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, and how to edit using Adobe Lightroom.






This online course includes six modules that will be emailed to your inbox weekly. Each module will consist of an easy-to-follow video, text overview, assignment, and printable guide.

You will also receive access to my private photography Facebook group where you can post photos, interact with past and present students, and receive feedback from me! This is also a great place to ask questions.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll receive access to all future course versions!


Because Digital Photography 101 is online and go-at-your-own pace, you can enroll anytime.

Ready to Take Better Pictures?

Digital Photography 101 - Online
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