My Personal Magnum Opus

MegaBug Photography.jpg

his picture was taken two years ago today. Wow! Out of every image I've captured, this is the one that stands out. My personal magnum opus.

This photograph poignantly represents the love we aspire to share with another person. It also represents the years of hardship and strength love was able to endure and continue flourishing through. One that continues even though there's only one hand left.

While enjoying a Hodgie's ice cream this evening, I asked Nanny about her and Grandpa's beginnings. She recalled the first time she saw him, sitting across the cafeteria at Pentucket Regional High School. How she first considered them a couple after seeing him draw Donald Duck during an assembly, and how she realized he was a keeper when he sold his red Harley Davidson to take her to their junior prom. She decided to marry him after he enrolled in bootcamp training for the Navy.

To this day, Nanny is grateful she chose the handsome red head with no family, no money, and no job prospects. Us Dixon descendant are as well. He may not have had much in high school, but Grandpa had everything he sought for when he died.

6 Month Anniversary

Shelby and I are celebrating our first six months of marriage today! There has been no honeymoon stage- actually, no honeymoon, period. (We're saving up for that!)

Marriage, even being with someone in general, is hard. Just before Oct. 8, 2016 we endured the most hectic year of our lives- but here we are.

There will be more challenging times and wonderful memories to come, and I'm grateful to be experiencing those with Shelby. Love is beautiful. <3