Driving Miss MegaBug

It has been FIVE YEARS since I purchased the MegaBug, my dream car and namesake of this business. Growing up, I was always fascinated by the 60s vibe and the social & politcal change that took place throughout the decade and into the early 70s. I adored the Volkswagen busses and bugs, and was a frequent winner of the Punch Buggy game. Everyone gave me diecast bugs as gifts, and I remember falling asleep with a green one in my hand, imagining I was cruising down Main Street with the windows down.

I finally started looking for a bug of my own at 15. After months of waiting, my step-dad had a lead for a 1999 green one down in Raymond.

Tim let me drive the two hours down so I could accumulate time for my license exam, and I’ll never forget what it felt like to turn the corner and see that little green bug smiling in the lot.

Because I didn’t have my license I rode with the dealer to Tim’s mechanic friend’s shop, checking out every inch and corner. After giving it the exam, Tim and his buddy took it for a spin, while I waited for the verdict. Sure it was my money, but I wasn’t going to buy a car if it didn’t pass “inspection.” When Tim’s friend said it was a tight little shitbox, the wheeling and dealing began…and I was officially a car owner!

I left the bug down in sNH to have the timing belt and water pump replaced ($800 later…) and started driver’s ed that evening. Symbolically, I also earned my license exactly one month after buying the bug. Meant to be!

Over a year later I had my senior pictures taken with the bug.

This is the one in my yearbook:

(I had fuzzy dice before finding Mr. Owl.)

When I graduated high school, we started taking more road trips.

I decorated really well.

And Nanny learned how to pack it.

Then I became artistic.

When I bought the bug she had 116k miles- she now she has 187k. Here’s to more adventures and watching kids punch each other at bus stops!