Roaring Twenties

With every birthday, people ask if I feel different. A couple of days ago I turned 20, and yes, I do feel very different. It's incredible to begin my twenties having already graduated from college, a strong credit score, a steady full-time job, and now a house.

Okay, so I don't own said house, but I'm not really renting it either. The owners have temporarily moved to the Middle East and I am now responsible for their beautiful white house, dog, and cat. My cat, Puss was put down a month ago, so it is wonderful to have Arlo purr in my ear, step on my computer, and crawl in my lap. Ben is also a sweetheart, acting as my free personal trainer.

In the couple of days I've lived in this house, I am ecstatic about being a pretend homeowner. Grocery shopping excites me, and I feel fulfilled when cleaning and organizing. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity of learning how to care for a house without having to pay a mortgage or even rent. (Well, I do pay a little...)

I've already accomplished so much, and I now feel free to take advantage of my twenties and mold my life into exactly what I want it to be. In the past I've lived life quickly, and I'm truly enjoying moving at a slower pace and being able to balance just work and fun, not work, fun, and school. Ben and I walk everyday, and on Thursdays I have my tap class. I've been able to take WREN workshops and pay more attention to growing my business. Whatever the next decade brings, I hope to have a roaring time.
Meg BrownComment