2011: The Preparation

If someone were to ask me to select one word that would describe this year overall, I'd have to say "preparation". Reason being that this year has provided me with the tools to start my future, which will begin with 2012.

(Me and Mary Pearl in Firenze.)

January 3rd I purchased my dream car, and exactly a month later I earned my license. This was a huge step towards independence: I did no longer needed my parents' help to navigate my life, I could do it all on my own.

This year I also achieved something HUGE without my parents being there: I traveled to Italy. It was my first time outside of the country, (well...I have been to the Bahamas, but I didn't need a passport!) and it was such an amazing experience to be in another country and see how citizens live first hand. I took soooo many photos while there, and I can't wait to travel again so I can take more.

While taking photos in Italy, I had also been enrolled in my photography class at Littleton High. The class started in January, and I learned techniques that will change my outlook on the art form forever: manual settings and film development. These skills were later emphasized with my internship at Rodeo & Co Photography this year. From Meg, (that's the photographer's name!) I learned about digital cameras and interchangeable lenses. Now I'm trying to save $2,500 for a Canon EOS Mark II camera. Yes, it's super expensive, but it's quality! It provides the detail that will allow me to sell my photos on stock photo websites. Then I can earn a side income!

Along with my photo internship, September also found me at the Littleton Courier. I know have my own e-mail with the newspaper, my own desk, and job security! From the Courier I've been able to take pride in seeing my name scattered throughout the weekly paper, which pushes me to write more. At 16 I'm learning so much, and this internship is allowing me to kick-start my career. My hopes are to work for a larger newspaper so I can focus on photojournalism, human interest stories, and international news.

Because of my demanding AP courses and the Courier, I also quit Polly's that month. After two and a half years, I was done. It was a fantastic first job, and without it I never would have been able to save for my car. However, I wanted to devote more of myself to the Courier. My mother insists that I will go back to Polly's in the summer, but I've decided that I want more than that; I want to continue working at the Courier. Maybe by then I'll earn a pay check...

In October I completed the college application process. After a week of insane information compiling, I was accepted into the Electronic Journalism Arts Program at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont. I love the location, and how LSC is relaxed and dedicated. Their journalism program is also quite strong.

Finally, during this past week I've begun a fitness regiment. It seems like everyone places "lose weight" somewhere on the top of their Resolutions list, but eventually give up on it. Thus, I began my goal a week early. I hope to weigh 130 pounds by April 1st. I'm going strong!

These are the huge accomplishments I met this year. So thank you, 2011. It has been a fabulous year and I will apply everything you gave me to 2012. I await the future. =)

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