A Far Out, Groovy Dream

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Since the age of eleven, I was a hippie. Not the weed smoking, bra burning, live-on-the-road hippie, but a modified version. Since childhood, I have loved the environment and grew up in a recycling/composting family. Our definition of brand new is an item from the thrift store, consignment shop, flea market or local yard sale. This past Christmas my step-dad was awestruck when my uncle bought him a brand new book from the store! Ahaha this is my life.

My mom started visiting a whole health care practitioner when I was in seventh grade. I remember her coming home with a large bag of herbal supplements, and the transition from having a fridge full of grains to a fridge full of bunny food. My mom likes plants. Despite hating to admit it, we are quite similar. A year later I decided to visit the practitioner, and have been on my own set of supplements and bunny food since.

I've always grown up differently from others. Whether it was shopping second hand, recycling, gardening, listening to oldies, drinking tea or becoming a spiritualist, I have had a hippie lean. I fully embraced that when I was eleven and passed by a Volkswagen Beetle.

Every time we used to pass one in the car, a series of punches would travel around our group until nobody could "punch back". I always thought the punch buggies were cute, but it struck me one day that I could have one! After that day, I have been dreaming of the perfect bug. I wanted lime green one complete with a sunroof and a "MEGMBLE" license plate. I took a babysitting course and worked when I could. I landed my dream job at Polly's Pancake Parlor when I was fourteen and have worked numerous jobs since. When I turned fifteen, though, the hunt began.

After viewing many bugs over many months, we found it. On December 24th, 2010 my parents looked at a 1999 green bug in Raymond, NH. Despite the oncoming nightfall, they were impressed. On January 3, 2011 I bought that bug for $2,700. We registered it as "GRVYBUG" (Groovy Bug) but I call it Megabug (this will be the next plate!). Although I had been driving since my half birthday, and started Driver's Ed the same day I bought my bug, I still don't know how to drive it! The cause to this problem is that I bought a 5-speed!

Last Saturday, Tim (my step dad) re-taught me to drive in a parking lot. Every time I stalled I apologized to my engine, but I managed to shift to second gear before the hour had turned. It had been a long task to find my bug, and I know it will take some practice before I can drive it, but I have faith. With my upcoming birthday on February 1, I know sixteen will be my year. So many dreams are coming true, and I feel proud of myself for making it happen. For all of you who told me I couldn't do it, that a bug wouldn't be my first car, I dedicate this to you. After working 40-50 hours a week in the summer, investing in Certificate of Deposits and searching diligently, I made it happen. I made my dream come true, and there will be many more to come. =)

Update: On May 8, 2012 I did end up changing my plate to MEGABUG.
Update: In October, 2013 I put the bug in my name.  
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