Celtic Woman

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the upcoming spring equinox, I've been photographing a lot of green lately. 

That being said, I am excited to announce my partnership with League of NH Craftsmen's Littleton Gallery!

As I work to expand my food and product portfolio, Beth Simon of the Littleton Gallery is welcoming me to use League pieces in my shots- and I've been having SO much fun.

Check out the Littleton Gallery's March newsletter for photos by MegaBug Photography, including these shots of Celtic-inspired jewelry by Deirdre Donnelly Jewelry. Deirdre’s pieces are stunning, and while I adored the stand-alone shots I took of the pendant, I knew they would pop on a model.

Enter Patti, my co-founder at  Serendipity Studios.

Patti just so happened to have a beautiful green cable knit sweater, and we had so much fun capturing these shots.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may have plenty of luck and a pot of gold!

Live Deliciously & Eat Colorfully

I went in a different direction with this inspiration shoot.

I love bright, cheerful light and rich colors, but that's not what Crumb Bar is about.

While snapping and struggling, my co-serendipitous soul, Patti, encouraged me to think about Crumb Bar's brand, not mine.

"They're bold, modern, in your face, and they don't care whether you like it or not. Look at the colors she chooses. Think of how you can infuse their aesthetic into your photos," she explained.

Patti then proceeded to pull out this kaleidoscope back painting she had started years ago. That's it, that was my backdrop! And from there, these photos emerged.


While it’s amazing having a former photo stylist in the studio, I decided that it's about time I start building my own skills. So I enrolled in Foodtography School. One concept I learned in the composition module was the "bite shot," which is taking a bite out of the food you're photographing and capturing it.

I wasn't happy with the resulting straight-ons, so I thought further about the goal of the bite shot- and food photography in general: you want to make your photographs feel so realistic and tantalizing that the viewer can envision themselves in the scene and about to take a bite.

And what better way to do that than to take a bite out of the pastry and hold it up? These have become some of my favorite food shots to date!

Thank you, Patti, for always encouraging me to find a different perspective and for your wise words. <3

P.S. My hand ain't that attractive y'all. Does anyone have pretty hands and a willingness to model for free food?

Mango & Cream Hand Pie by Crumb Bar in Littleton, NH
Backdrop by Patti King Slavtcheff of Serendipity Studios in Littleton, NH

Raspberry Tea for Me


Each year, Shelby gifts me a Tea Forté tea assortment box for Christmas. (This year he gave me two!)

One of my favorites has been Raspberry Nectar. This light and fruity herbal tea pairs well with White Mountain Apiary honey, as shown on the spoon. (Then again, all tea pairs well with White Mountain Apiary honey.)

In case you weren’t aware, I’m a total tea snob. I’ve probably consumed just half a cup of coffee in my life (and that being a combination of sips taken along the years). I’m always in pursuit of a satisfying steep. And I’m grateful to have a vast collection of fancy tea cups that I found buried in Grandpa’s garage.