What I Use

I’m opening my toolbox to share with you the products I love using to help me achieve my dreams and live my life in the most blissful and empowering way possible.

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Recommended Reads

Miss MegaBug_The Secret Cover.jpg

The Secret
By Rhonda Byrne

The clearest book on the Law of Attraction I’ve ever read. My biggest life goals and dreams have been achieved with help from “The Secret.”

Miss MegaBug_You are a Badass Cover.jpg

You Are a Badass
By Jen Sincero

This witty book empowered me to charge what I’m worth, reflect on how I like to work and live, and recognize the beliefs and behaviors that have been holding me back.

Miss MegaBug_Hero Cover.jpg

By Rhonda Byrne

I first read “The Hero” in college and it revolutionized my life. As an extension of “The Secret,” this book focuses on dreams and living a life of abundance.

Manifesting Money

Miss MegaBug_Citrine.jpg
Miss MegaBug_The Secret Check.jpg


I keep a citrine crystal on the upper left corner of my desk (the feng shui wealth & prosperity location) and a small crystal with the cash in my wallet. Since adding citrine to my desk I’ve attracted more high paying business clients.

The Secret Money Check

The ultimate visualization tool. Write yourself a check in the amount your desire and store it in your wallet, on your vision board, and/or under a citrine crystal.

Restful Sleep

Miss MegaBug_Natural Vitality Calm.jpg

Natural Vitality Calm

My go-to if I’m having trouble falling asleep. This magnesium powder quiets my mind and ensures a restful sleep.

Miss MegaBug_Amethyst.jpg


I keep an amethyst crystal on my nightstand to ward of nightmares. It’s also pretty!

Miss MegaBug_Mountain Rose Herbs Lavendar.jpg

Mountain Rose Herbs Lavender Essential oil

I always diffuse lavender essential oil while falling asleep. Bergamot is a great option as well.

Office Essentials

Miss MegaBug_WorkEZ Standing Desk.jpg
Miss MegaBug_Rifle Paper Co Planner.jpg
Miss MegaBug_Gamma Ray Computer Glasses.jpg

WorkEZ Standing Desk

I’ve had more energy as a result of using this standing desk. It’s the most affordable option I could find, and when I want to sit, I just pick my laptop up and put it right on my desk.

Rifle Paper Co. Planner

The best planner I’ve ever used! It has a monthly view where I write my business marketing goals and a weekly view organized into a to-do list, so I can plan out my work flow. (I use these pens to color code based on business and personal tasks.)

GAMMA RAY Anti UV Glare Computer Glasses

Blue light from our computer and phone screens has been proven to alter our melatonin levels, making it harder to fall asleep at night. While using these anti-UV computer glasses, I’ve also noticed less eye strain!