You deserve to live your dreams.

How would you love for a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and make all of your dreams come true? What would your life look like? How would you be happier?

I love Cinderella, but when it comes to life, I prefer to follow the more practical advice of Glinda the Good Witch: You have had the power all along.

You are your own fairy godmother. You have the power and the ability to make whatever you want in your life come true.

But how?

Think of me as your Glinda. I’m the sparkly good witch who’s here to show you the way and help you realize that you hold the magic wand. Through goal setting, visualization, and empowerment, I will walk beside you on your journey to wherever you want your yellow brick road to go. Ruby slippers optional.


About Me

I’m Meg, a serial entrepreneur and constant dreamer. I opened my first business at age 11 with a flock of chickens, and since “Megg’s Eggs,” have gone on to open MegaBug Photography and Nutmeg Media- both of which are still in operation today. I graduated from college at the age of 19 with no student loan debt, and as a result, was able to become fully self employed at age 21 and purchase my home a few months later.

What’s’s my secret?

I had a dream. A few of them. What helped make these lofty dreams come true was goal setting and visualization. I’d love to share my tips and tricks as well as the connections I’ve made along the way to help you make your dreams come true too. Looking to add some tools to your she shed? Check out What I Use.

What do I do when I’m not working?

Based in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, I live in a cute yellow house on 5.5 acres we named "Mellow Meadows" with my husband, Shelby, and our two meows, Guinevere & Lancelot. (Not to mention plenty of plants!) I adore road trips in my VW bugs, outdoorsy things, homesteading, and crocheting with a cup of tea.